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Get to know
Michelle & Arianna!

Why us?

Co-founders Michelle and Arianna Schesny work together as a family did not start just with PAWS 4 US alone. We have been taking care of our own pets for most of our lives! From dogs, to cats, to even birds: having our animals be part our family has not only become second nature to us, but has been a blessing. To have a chance to connect with so many lives is our way of trying to make a small difference for this world.

Our pets for many years now have been rescue animals. Just to know we can do our best to make these precious creatures feel no longer abandoned, appreciated, and be treated with the respect they deserve gives us the utmost feeling of happiness.

All in all starting this small business let us take what we know and love, and allows us to give another pet the care and needs desired by the owner. Because we have so much experience with domestic animals and have the knowledge of pet sitting, we can give advice to any client working with us. We can definitely reassure you that your furry friend will be a happy customer with everything we have to offer!


Since 2014, we started our small business and professionally have been taking care of all kinds of pets. We have worked with Rover, Thumbtack, and even Wag! just to name a few. With our gained knowledge on how some animals' behaviors are and in some cases administering medications, there are so many skills to be held upon that we are grateful for. From out former and current doggy and kitty clients, to the feathery, scaly, rodent, and aquatic babies...we appreciate all of you! We also look forward to meeting new clients of course in the future. 🐾


You can always count on PAWS 4 US to handle any job. We guarantee to be on time as requested and of course complete each job exactly as directed by the pet owner. Any added special requests are always accommodating.  🐾


If need be, our clients can have the option to give us a key to hold during a longer job (especially when on away for vacation) or have a hidden spot for the key. Regardless, we always make sure doors are locked both during walks/sitting and when away from the home.

Always There For You

Michelle and Arianna can assure you that once you have us as sitters and care takers for your pets you will not want anyone else! We look forward to developing potential great relationships with you and your babies, of course. We want to be there as much as humanly possible for your pet.

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